Oil Testing Services

Need to be sure of your oil quality?

When to test

If you have noticed any sort of discolouration, change in odour, dip in performance, or cases of skin irritation, it may be that contaminants commonly found in workshop environments (such as hydraulic fluid and water), have mixed with your oils. If you notice any of these changes, it would be advisable to have your oils tested. In fact, we recommend planning an annual test so that potential contaminants are detected as early as possible in order prevent further contamination and the need to completely replace your fluids.

What we test

We are happy to test oelheld products and oils produced by other manufacturers alike. We can carry out general testing or look at a specific issue such as particle counts, cobalt presence, tramp oil testing, water testing, and foam testing. As standard, we check for:

  • the presence and nature of any contaminants;

  • performance of the fluid compared with original conformance certificate, e.g:

    • viscosity;

    • density;

    • acidity;

    • flash point.

Testing is carried our at our dedicated research centre in Germany so we would ask that you allow up to two weeks for the testing to be completed. Once completed, you will be issued with a technical written report.


To discuss oil testing, get in touch with our technical team on 01745 814 777