CoverSkin Skin Protector

Skin protection for up to 6 hours

CoverSkin offers skin protection against the side effects of contact with water-soluble and non water-soluble cooling lubricants, hydraulic oils, dielectrics, glues and all kinds of plastics.


Apply the spray on your dry and grease free hands. Do not use more than the size of a walnut of our CoverSkin and rub the cream until it is completely absorbed. CoverSkin finds its way into the top layer of the skin.  It then forms a level of protection that lasts for at least 6 hours regardless of the changing working materials. A change of your skin protection is not necessary with chained operating processes of oil and water-soluble products. CoverSkin protects against contact allergies which are caused by dust and displaced particles. CoverSkin protection is non-hazardous to eyes and food.

Dielectrics: Apply CoverSkin to your hands being sure to cover nailbeds and the area under your finger nails. By using CoverSkin you can prevent irritation from particles produced during processing.

Coolants: CoverSkin prevents skin irritation caused by dusts and particles. On dry wounds CoverSkin can be used to prevent infection.

Duroplastics, hardeners, glues, solvents: Using CoverSkin protects you from any potentially harmful effects of contact with these substances which can be easily wiped off if CoverSkin has been used.

General skin care: Applying CoverSkin after work can eliminate the need for any further skin care.


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