For long-term lubrication in the right place

The advantage of grease is its density; greases enable lubrication to stay where it is needed. It can be used to seal bearings and protect them from intruding dirt and prevent corrosion. Grease consists of mineral or synthetic oil, additives and thickeners like lithium, natrium and calcium soaps. The nature and quality of the base oil and thickener dictate the properties of the grease. The amount of thickener and its chemical composition define the consistency (NLGI grade). These NLGI grades start at 000 (fluid) until 6 (very hard). oelheld supplies greases for several applications including:

  • Multi-purpose grease for roller bearings and friction bearings

  • Mineral oil based greases

  • Gear grease

  • Grease that is safe for food production

  • Special greases for specific requirements (heat resistant high-temperature grease, cryogenic grease and extreme pressure greases)


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