Oil Mist Extraction Systems

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In partnership with industry leading air filtration specialists indusa GmbH, we can now offer the latest in electrostatic and mechanical exhaust air filtration, to make sure the air you breathe is clean.

Oil mist contains potentially harmful airborne particles so if your extraction system isn’t working effectively, you could be exposed to particles that can cause a number of serious lung diseases such asthma and other respiratory problems (e.g.‘heavy metal lung’) which, in their worst cases, can lead to an early death.

As indusa’s trusted partner here in the UK, Oelheld can offer systems which adapt to your building, processes and working hours. Through expert advice and first class consulting, we’ll find the right system for you. To see what’s possible, watch the video below or get in touch with our technical team to discuss your requirements.

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To raise awareness of the importance of regularly checking the effectiveness of your oil filtration and mist extraction systems for health (as well as to meet HSE regulations), we are currently offering free indicative oil and air quality testing. Using our specialist equipment, one of our trained service engineers will visit your premises and assess your workshop environment to let you know whether your systems are compliant and whether you and your workers might be exposed to cobalt and airborne oil mist particles. We can also advise you of our oils, fluids and lubricants which are heavy-metal free.

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A family-run company, indusa has been cleaning exhaust air of smoke, mist (including oil mist), dust and other potentially harmful airborne particles since its inception in 1982. indusa is an OEM at numerous well-known machine manufacturers who value their quality and reliability. As well as providing built in extraction units as part of larger industrial equipment systems for the leading manufacturers, indusa specialises in the design and build of bespoke extraction systems to meet clients’ individual requirements.



See how we were able to tailor this mist extraction system to Feiler CNC Frasen und Feinmechanik’s operations, both in terms of operational hours and processes, as well as saving energy and achieving the optimal speed of airflow.




Regular cleaning and maintenance are an important factor in the performance of your electrostatic air filter. If your system in poorly maintained, any subsequent drop in performance may leave you and your workers exposed to harmful airborne particles. This is one of the reason why COSHH regulations require most Local Exhaust Ventilation systems to be tested at least once every 14 months with a full LEV test. With our service contracts, our thoroughly trained and experienced engineers will make sure your system is effective, complaint and working in an energy-efficient way for you.